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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is here and I'm very busy making fun applique tshirts

and matching pants! More pictures to come!

Friday, July 15, 2011


It's been awhile! Open Houses were awesome this spring! Then Summer came. I'm always trying to balance being a wife, mom to active boys, cleaning, cooking, working out, sewing, reading, sleeping...Wow, I'm tired! July is already here and so full! Sawyer and Mason both have birthdays this month Family in town, Camp Kletos and next is vacation in Colorado!!! I find myself getting anxious with all I "have" and "want" to do! I'm learning to seek God and ask him to show me what the most important thing is for me to do each day. He has a better plan than I do! I don't want to get so wrapped up in my own little world that I don't notice others needs. There is so much peace in that. He's given me so much, my husband, kids, pets, home, friends, creativity...the list goes on and on! I'm just simply doing my best at all of it and that's not always great but it's all God requires of me. Thank Goodness! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ribbon Crab

Sweet Macy!!!
*Ribbon Crab Pillowcase dress*

Spring Open House

Spring Open House
April 1st 2-6
email me for more info
Macy being a sweet little model!
smelling flowers

Owl Applique & pocket skirt

Easter Applique

How Cute for an Easter
Egg Hunt!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is coming

I've been busy getting ready for spring! I've been loving our beautiful and much warmer weather. It's making me motivated in so many ways! Here's a few things I've been working on this week! And much more to come! The date for my spring open house is April 1st. 2pm -6pm. Email me if you're interested and I'll be happy to send you an invitation with all the details. I'm taking orders now! I have lots new gift items to monogram. I'll be posting them as I get them in.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello! It's been a while again I know! I'm ready for warm weather and creating new spring clothing and gifts! I've been so busy planning for my Spring Open House! I'm having so much fun picking fabrics and patterns. I have so many cute Easter appliques. I'm also expanding My gift items that can be monogramed. Lots of cute baby stuff and Graduation gifts. Speaking of cute baby stuff... This is my friend Amy's precious little Owen. I made this onesie set for him when he was born. He wears it oh so well! Do you not just want to eat him up?! Be watching for new things and the Spring Open House date!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm finally posting!

I know it's been forever! I've been so busy this year! Grant has changed jobs and we have all had to adjust! It's been good tho! I've been busy with kids and doing a lot of sewing. I've taken pictures of stuff then I don't take the time to post them. This is because by the time I finally get all of my "responsibilities" taken care of I'm so dead tired! I know all of you moms understand! Anyway, I am going to do better. Starting today! This is the last thing I made for Ava. She's so stinkin cute in everything! Love this with the brown suede boots! There's more to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Again!

Every time I drive up my driveway Hun is in a new window. This is his latest napping place! He's getting old and bossy. He makes me sleepy watching him! I guess I'm tired?! That could be because I'm getting ready for another open house! I'm so excited that I can hardly sleep at night! (that could also be the diet coke and coffee I chug all day) I am trying to scale it down a little, that's so hard! I have too many idea's and not enough hours in a day! I'm trying to balance taking care of my house, husband, kids, sewing, friends, bible study, exercise ect. I want to do a good job at everything! Is that possible?

We've been a pretty busy family since school started! Dillon is a Senior! It's so weird how fast life is flying by. Sawyer is in 4th grade and suddenly has TONS of homework and book reports. Farewell to his 8 o'clock bedtime. Why is there such thing as homework? He just wants to be a little boy, playing legos and going outside! Mason is in 2nd grade and full of energy! He never quits bouncing! I love these precious boys and I want to make sure I enjoy every minute of them.
Anyway, the Open House is October 2nd from 4-7 at Missy Collins house again! Thank the Lord for good friends! She's even made a few crafty things for the Holidays that will be for sale! And my friend Katherine Heath has a new line of art work called Wiggles and Giggles, she will be there as well! Come and have some appetizers and browse a little! Can't wait! (Anxiety just hit me! I have so much to do and so little time! I can handle it!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School!

I know I haven't posted forever! We have had the best busy summer! We went to Colorado for 3 weeks. Spencer was with us for 1 of the those weeks. It was so much fun and a little crazy. We drove! A 24 hr. trip in 2 days with 4 boys and a husband...need I say more?! Really tho, it was a blessing to have my whole family together! We spent time with all of our Colorado family, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and some of our friends from home came too. We did lots of hiking and eating. Now school has started and I am one happy mommy! I'm trying to get my house in order now and start sewing for fall! If anyone is interested email me or call me! I'll be posting pictures as I make them! I'm not sure about an open house this fall, but maybe in the spring when I have more help!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ava Ann

Ava was being the perfect little "Princess" today. She was so cute letting me take all these pictures! She is wearing the pink damask ruffle top and ruffle capris. The ruffle top is $30 and the ruffle pants are $25. email me!


I've been sewing and sewing! It's fun, just wish I had a housekeeper and a chef! Here are some more pictures from my open house! Let me know if you want to order anything! Just email me at Click on the picture to see it up close!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


These round neck dresses seemed to be the biggest hit! I even made myself one! These fabrics also come in other colors.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am so happy that spring is here! The Azaleas in my front yard are blooming like crazy, and with my windows open I can hear the bees buzzing. It's so beautiful! Not to mention the Chorus of Birds!I know it has been forever since I posted anything, but I have been BUSY! I finally had my Spring Open House! It was so much fun! I was able to make samples of most things I make and display them for all my friends to see. My friend Missy hosted this event and went all out! She made the most delicious appetizers and deserts. It was so beautiful. I'm so thankful for friends!While I was getting ready for this, I found a verse in the Bible that was such a blessing to me, thought I'd share it!Psalm 90:17 "May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us- yes, establish the work of our hands!" I prayed this before I started sewing and I really felt like God did that for me. It all went so well and He established the work of my hands. You know it's him when things go smooth and peaceful! Unless you sew, you may not understand. Let me just say, things don't always go smooth! In the next couple days I will be adding more and more pictures of all the new things that I have made! Keep checking, I promise it won't be 2 months this time! Did I mention I have lots of orders to fill?! I'm loving it. If you see anything you like just email me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Janurary already?!

I can't believe the Holidays are over! It was so much fun, just non-stop! I'm a little bit happy it's over. I sewed non-stop! Which is why I haven't posted anything in a long time! I fell into bed every night around 1a.m. I still didn't do everything I wanted. How does it sneak up so fast?
I finally got my Christmas decorations put away! Wow, that took forever. (it's worth it) My house seems so bare! Tomorrow I'll be cleaning it like crazy!
We have been so blessed this season. We stayed at the Battlehouse one night for the Instrust Christmas party. It was so much fun. Even tho we were still in town, it felt like a different world. I really want that bed! We also went to Jackson, MS to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I had chills the whole time. We were on the front row, It's such a beautiful show!
Then of course Christmas was very nice, my family came over Christmas Eve. We went to the Christmas Eve service at church, then came home and ate a huge dinner. My baby sister (well she's 26) Seija was home from Italy. It was so good to see her.
The boys were so excited about their gifts! (But not about getting their picture taken:) I made them these P.J.'s. They were so cuddly! Sorry Spencer and Dillon, I made you p.j.'s when you were their ages, but not this time. Maybe next year all 4 of you can match?!
Speaking of Spencer and Dillon, Dillon's Christmas present was a ticket to go see Spencer. He was there from the 25th until Jan. 2nd I felt a little better about not having Spencer home just knowing he had Dillon there. They surfed everyday! I am so blessed to see how close they are. They really love each other! I have the best boys!
After Christmas we went to New Orleans with our friends. It was an absolute dream weekend! We stayed at the Ritz Carlton first of all! I want that bed too! We ate, shopped, ate, shopped and laughed our heads off all weekend! Grant and I often wonder how in the world we could have such good friends?! God has truly blessed us beyond what we deserve! I guess that sums up my holidays! Good friends are such a blessing that we don't take for granted. I am so grateful! We have family,friends,our health, a home full of laughter, and I could go on and on.
Now it's time to get back into a routine, like working out more, getting my house in order, being better at being a wife and mom, and most of all spending more time getting to know God! (I am loving the word "Abiding" lately!)
Hope everyone has a blessed New Year!
I will be posting new stuff soon! I promise!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

more turkeys

I loved this vintage looking fabric so much! It will be so cute on Thanksgiving Day! Gooble Gooble!!

(Be sure to click on photo to enlarge it)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Liza's Turkey Outfit

This is the outfit I made for Liza. It also has a matching hairbow. I can do this in any colors. Can't wait to see her in it!

Turkey T-shirt

This is the cutest thing for Thanksgiving and all of November! I made this to go with brown gingham pants for Eli. As soon as I get pictures of him in it, I'll post them!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Sugar Bear

He's so sweet when he's sleeping!